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Sarah, Son of God  In a story within a story within a story, a transgendered beauty takes us through Stonewall-rioting New York, Venice under the Inquisition and Nero’s Rome. Sarah, Son of God explores identity change in a narrative maelstrom spiraling into the past. A transgendered beauty takes us through Stonewall rioting New York, Venice under the Inquisition and Nero’s Rome. Against her better judgment, Professor Joanna Valois takes on sexually undefinable Sarah Falier as her assistant on a trip to Venice. The object of their research is a 16th century heretical book and the truth about the woman condemned to death for printing it. The book, a translation of an ancient codex, not only shattered the lives of nearly everyone who touched it, but 400 years later, could still bring half the world to its knees. Like nesting dolls, it’s a story within a story within a story, forcing us to wonder if gender-breaking has perhaps not sometimes altered the course of history.                                                                
The Mephisto Aria How to undo a pact with the devil....  At the height of her career, opera singer Katherina Marov is brought crashing down by the news of her father's suicide. At home, going through his personal effects, she finds he has left a wartime journal full of shocking revelations. When she returns to her tour, moving from city to city and stage to stage, she reads the heart-wrenching entries of a soldier on the Russian front and in war-torn Berlin. She learns, page by page, of the crimes and secrets her father harbored, that he broke the laws of war and, worst of all, abandoned his greatest love of his life to the snows of Stalingrad. She cannot condemn him however, for while she is learning of his demons, she is discovering her own. The stage-world she lives in proves an entrapment in itself, drawing her into an ecstatic realm beyond good and evil and she is tempted, as he was, by forces which could ruin her. Has she too made a devil's pact? And if so, will she pay for it, as her father did, with her life?  Read the wonderful review of Mephisto Aria here.
Sistine Heresy Eros, art, and gorgeous blasphemy… Adrianna Borgia, survivor of the Borgia court, presents Michelangelo with the greatest temptations of his life while struggling herself with soul-threatening desires and heresies. Her growing passion for the painter Raphaela Bramante mirrors the sculptor’s damnable interest in a castrato in the Sistine choir and in the ideas of secular humanism. Claimed as the epitome of Christian inspiration, Michelangelo’s ceiling is revealed as a coup of Eros upon religion, a gorgeous blasphemy and a paean to forbidden love in the very heart of the Church.
Vulture's Kiss Second tale in the Ibis Prophecy Bold Strokes Books, 2007 Archeologist Valerie Foret returns in a powerful desert adventure set in Egypt and Jerusalem, in both modern and medieval times. On the eve of the release of her great chronicle, Valerie is summoned to the aid of the strange Egyptian ‘family’ that fate has given her. She is too late. Three of them fall victim to a force that has reached down through the centuries and that even the Egyptian gods cannot withstand. In thrall to the magnificent goddess Nekhbet, Valerie experiences the exquisite thrill and the shattering horror of the Vulture’s Kiss. On the blood-soaked walls of Jerusalem she witnesses the final battle of the first Crusade in which her own ancestors, both innocent and malevolent, carried out a lethal drama identical to her own. The weapon that succeeded then and now threatens once again is the terrible power of faith. Will the outcome be the same? In confronting the age-old force, Valerie forges an alliance with Najya Khoury, an Arab-Israeli journalist, and with the – surprisingly fragile – spirits of nature. Yet how can phantoms and a love that all three faiths declare an abomination stand up to a thousand years of militancy?
The 100th Generation First tale in the Ibis Prophecy Ancient curses, modern day villains, and a most intriguing woman who keeps appearing when least expected and then…disappearing. Archeologist Valerie Foret has spent a year searching for a tomb in the Egyptian desert—a labor broken only by high risk trysts with a powerful man’s wife. When she finally makes the discovery of a lifetime, she is set upon by jealous rivals and religious fanatics. Worse, she is drawn into the depths of the desert by forces that offer knowledge of vast mysteries and at the same time threaten to destroy everything she knows. For what she’s found is a glimpse into the hereafter, and it’s nothing like it’s supposed to be. Brilliant scientist that she is, she has loved most unwisely and learned what she does not want to know. Follow her adventures through modern and ancient Egypt, through this world and the next, with Book One of the Ibis Prophecy.
The 100th Generation was a 2007 finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society's "Ann Bannon GCLS Popular Choice Award."
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright  Love does not conquer all, but when all of Europe is on fire, it’s better than going to hell alone. Twelve years of terror end with a world in flames. Behind filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl’s stirring footage of a million joyous patriots, the horror of Nazi Germany slowly unfolds. It engulfs Katja Sommer, a “good German” with dangerous desires; Frederica Brandt, a traitor to her homeland; Rudi Lamm, a homosexual camp survivor and forced killer for Hitler; and Peter Arnhelm, a half-Jewish “terrorist” who lives with tigers. Under the scrutiny of the familiar monsters of the Third Reich, their enablers, and their hangers-on, these four struggle for life and for each other. Love does not conquer all, but it’s far better than going to hell alone.                                                            
Beloved Gomorrah What if Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient cities synonymous with debauchery, were in fact perfect societies? What if the “one righteous man” who escaped their annihilation was a murderous fanatic, his “angels” genocidal terrorists, his daughters the victims of incestuous rape? Justice is a long time coming, but finally the serene waters of the Red Sea give up the ancient secret of a holocaust and of a millennia-old lie.  While surrendering to biblical wantonness with a film actress, undersea sculptor Joanna Boleyn discovers that righteousness can conceal its own depravity, that art tells more truth than scripture, and that challenging authority can be mortally dangerous. Click here to read a glowing review by Jerry Wheeler from Out in Print                                                             
SISTINE HERESY  is the Bronze Medal Recipient of the Independent Publisher Award (IPPY) and is a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year Award 2009.
Mephisto Aria Sistine Heresy
Justine Saracen - Novels Golden Crown Literary Society Award Finalist for General Fiction  2012 Rainbow Awards First Place.  Historical Novel
Winner of the 2011 Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Historical Romance 
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