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Gallery of Readings, Book Signings & Friends
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New York City, August 2007   Oscar Wilde Books  
Antwerp, Oct. 2008  Het Verschil    Book signing tour with BSB authors Jane Fletcher, Lisa Girolami, myself, Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou. Palm  Springs, Feb. 2008  Myself with authors Andrews and Austin at the Bold Strokes Books Festival.
Palm  Springs, March 2010 Myself and author/publisher, Radclyffe, of Bold Strokes Books enjoying the BSB book festival.
Palm  Springs, March 2010  Relaxing in the courtyard while listening to author readings at the BSB Book Festival. Justine Saracen - Photo Gallery
Palm  Springs, March 2011  at a poolside reading
Palm  Springs, March 2011 Fellow authors Nell Stark (in back), Kim Baldwin,  yours truly, and Lea Santos participating in the BSB author skit.
At the mic in Palm Springs, March 2010.
Palm  Springs, March 2010
Palm  Springs, March 2013
New York Rainbow Bookfair April 2013
Brussels, Belgium, 2009